Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nintendo Wii offers Opportunities for Occupational and Physical Therapy

Nintendo Wii offers limitless opportunities for treatment in both occupational and physical therapy. No matter where along the age spectrum your patient population falls, something offered with the Nintendo Wii system can benefit your case load. Two articles in the news today highlight Wii-Hab or ways Wii might be used as a part of occupational and physical therapy.
In the first news article out of Leeds, England, one reads about a new bedside entertainment system for hospitalized Children. This news piece points out that playing games on a Wii system not only reduces anxiety about treatment but also encourages movement.
The second article about patients at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital features a video that focuses on key aspects of Wii-Hab. Watch the video to see and hear both a mother and a physician explain some of the benefits Wii brings during occupational and physical therapy for a child diagnosed with autism. A couple of benefits discussed include improving muscle tone and encouraging physical engagement with the environment.


dancilhoney said...

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