Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings Used Wii to Help Get Him Back in the Game

Over the summer, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. At the beginning of the interview he explains to Jimmy how he used Wii games to help rehab his knee following ACL repair surgery. Adrian explains that he started playing the Ski games offered through Fit Fit about one month after surgery. He tells Jimmy that he liked that because it helped him begin to put pressure through the knee. Adrian tells the host that Wii games helped him rebuild his muscles and helped him "get more power and strength into those muscles around the knee." Adrian declares, "It really helped a lot" The Vikings organization also posted a video about Adrian's rehab. If you watch this short segment, you can see Adrian using not only Wii Fit programs in therapy, but also other video games with exercise equipment to achieve his personal rehab goals. This determined player and the trainer explain that the games help reduce the monotony of repetitive exercise, making the process more enjoyable. Most individuals who need rehab for knee injuries or replacements may not have access to all of the expensive equipment or intense personal attention that Adrian Peterson had at his disposal, but many do have the opportunity to have some therapy. When you watch the video made by the Vikings organization you will hear and see Adrian making some good points; points that would benefit any rehab participant. 1. Adrian points out that he made personal goals that he hoped rehab would help him achieve. As a therapist, an important role is to help your client verbalize their goals. Encouraging your client to verbalize a goal helps that client imagine wellness,an important step that helps the individual push away some of the fear. 2. Adrian demonstrates full engagement in the rehab process. Keeping clients fully engaged in rehab often proves to be a real challenge in some settings. Wii activities help motivate the client and reduce the tedious nature of some rehab processes. 3) Adrian explains (in the Jimmy Fallon interview) that the Wii Ski games helped him adjust to putting weight through his repaired knee. As a therapist, I understand that this activity early in the rehab process helped him gain confidence in the joint. As the stability in the joint increased so did his confidence in his ability to use it. Wii Fit activities provide a great way for therapists to help clients gain confidence in a replaced or repaired joint, because many activities like the Ski Jump and the Tilt Table require weight bearing and or weight shifting in a relaxed, fun setting. Pull out that Wii Console and put it to use! The Wii offers many programs that enhance our tried and true exercises and add exciting activities, making therapy more enjoyable and beneficial.