Monday, August 15, 2011

Notre Dame researchers create program for Wii use in therapy

One of the first aspects of Wii Fit that attracted therapists to its unique design was the balance test. The balance test indicates how equally - or not- the participant distributes their weight through their lower extremities when the individual stands on the board. Occupational and physical therapists found this feature helpful for many patient populations, helping bring an innovative change into therapy using Wii. This blog mentioned the center of gravity aspect and one of the therapeutic indications in a post dated September 5, 2008.
Now a team of students have created software to expand this therapeutic feature -WiiHab feature - into a more user friendly format. Individuals recovering from a stroke utilize the center of balance indication to improve dynamic balance and gait. These students hope to market this program to rehab centers for both clinic and eventual home use. Watch the interview with the design team to understand more fully what their product hopes to address.


daƱo cerebral aita menni said...

Very nice contribution. At the Brain Injury Unit of Aita Menni hospital (Bilbao, Spain) we have been using conventional wii games for months. It is clearly a highly motivating tool, even for elderly patients. Given the fact that repetitions are crucial for final outcome every strategy that increases motivation is of great advantage. See a link to our work with the wii.


Richard said...

With the Wii unit, since it's basically a game setup, it does generate this sort of inner competitiveness. Although you might be boxing or enjoying tennis versus some virtual opponent on the display, it's incredible how many patients desire to defeat their challenger, said dean of one of the top 20 physical therapy programs. The PT graduate school along with several others recently purchased a Wii system for their rehabilitation patients.