Friday, June 10, 2011

New Hardware For Wii - Will it enhance Therapy?

Check out this trailer for the new controller Nintendo hopes to launch in 2012. What are your thoughts on therapeutic value and/or possibilities for clinical application?
Will this device require the participant to be at a higher level? Looks like one needs both hands to make it work. Take a look and post a comment.


Tonya said...

That looks really cool. I think it will have potential for some clients.

Dani said...

It looks like a really fun addition to the Wii console, but I question its value for therapy. I think it'll require greater motor, perception and cognitive abilities. Like you noted, it would require two hands. You'd also have to cope with switching between different controls (standard wand vs. Wii U) and putting together information from two different screens.

What's brilliant about the Wii is its usability; you only need one hand, and it's a simple point-and-shoot sort of device with few buttons. But the Wii U seems to incorporate several different control methods which might make it difficult to incorporate into rehab for people with cognitive difficulties, or simply technophobic people!

On the other hand, it could be used as a level-up for clients already using the Wii and need more of a challenge, or client who have experience with video games.