Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rice University Students Modify Wii for use in Therapy

Creative students from Rice University in Houston, Texas developed a Wii-Hab system to help patients during therapy at Shriner's Hospital. This new use of Wii in therapy, based on Wii balance board technology, helps improve balance and decrease dependence on balance aides. Team Equiliberator worked together to develop a system that proves to be relatively inexpensive, yet effective in encouraging participants to work toward improvements. These balance gains occur as the players enjoy age appropriate fun. Watch the video and read the article to learn how these students used Wii balance boards along with their own newly developed hand rail sensor system to create a Wii based therapy activity that also produces data for quantifying changes (improvements) in balance.


Galen said...

As an alumna of Rice and as an OT, I was so pleased to learn about this project. Thanks for posting!

Sarah said...

Hi im a 2nd year OT student and would if never even though to use a form of gaming console as a rehabilitation device! Awesome idea and would love to hear more about it!!

Matt Janssen said...


Im also a 2nd year OT student!
Ive seen a wii used before in treatment, it was before everyone started doing it. It was used for people with intellectual disabilities and they really loved it! They didnt normally like exercise and would not join in with activities, but when a gaming console was involved they really got amongst it and had a good time, some smiles appeared that hadnt done so for awhile =)

I would love to use this in future practice, its a really good tool for rehabilitation