Friday, April 8, 2011

Wii Use for Therapy After Stroke

A study lead by Dr. Gustavo Saposnik, director of Stroke Outcomes Research Unit, St. Michael Hospital’s (Toronto) , shows the value of Wii activities for individuals in therapy following a stroke. WiiHab - Rehabilitative Therapy Using The Wii by "THE WII OT" previously brought this study to readers' attention in February of 2010.
Recovering from a stroke requires a long process involving repetitive actions in order to provide the brain an opportunity to "rewire". For most stroke patients, who may naturally suffer depression following the loss of function, this requirement of repetitive, long-term therapy falls by the wayside. Wii offers this population a way to expand the benefits of occupational and physical therapy into the home setting, reaping improved outcomes while discovering a new, motivating use for leisure time.


Veronica Jett said...

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Victoria said...

Hi I am currently a third year OT student in Dunedin, NZ. For one of my papers im am doing a blog on the benefits and limitations of using wii games to improve stroke patients upper limb function in rehab. I was wondering if you could please follow me and comment on any posts that are of benefit/interesting. Regards Victoria. My blog link is