Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wii -Like Therapy Even before Wii hit the Market

In 2006, NeuroGym Technologies introduced a training system for use in rehab called the NeuroGym Trainer. This computer based technology offered therapists a way to provide rehab patients with visual and auditory feedback. A therapist could use this system to help patients learn to shift their weight, to help strengthen a targeted muscle group, or to help improve coordination. This system utilized sensor pads and a video game format. Many goals mentioned in the NeuroGym Trainer video can be addressed using Wii Fit and/or other Wii applications. Watch the video. How do you think you could Wii activities in similar ways? Do you have patients on your case load with goals that could be addressed with Wii activities? The patients would have more fun!
I have a client who hopes to move from the skilled care unit to the personal care unit. This client needs to dress and undress the upper and lower body with set-up only in a reasonable amount of time each day. Standing tolerance as well as dynamic balance must improve before that functional goal can be obtained. Playing "Fishing" (Wii Play) while standing requires dynamic balance while building endurance. This game will also require problem solving and visual discrimination. Honing those skills will also help this client dress in a timely fashion. I plan to get this OT client Wii fishing during the next therapy session and meet that functional goal in two weeks with the help of Wii-Hab.


Kelsey said...

And who said video games were bad for your health?

Merryn said...

The Neurogym Trainer looks like a fantastic way to rehabilitate clients in a way that they enjoy, whilst ensuring they are using correct techniques for muscle control and co-ordination. I’m hoping by the time I’ve finished studying OT, this device will be more readily available in N.Z. occupational settings.