Thursday, July 22, 2010

WiiHab - Therapy Blog listed in "Top 50 Occupational Therapy Blogs."

Readers may like to know that WiiHab- Rehabilitative Therapy using the Wii by the "Wii OT made the list of the "Top 50 Occupational Therapy Blogs." (To view this list, click July 2010 under Blogs in the left-hand margin.)
Wiihabilitation, a site out of England posted a headline recently: Wiihabilitation increases participation in therapy. This headline refers to a work published in VIRTUAL REHABILITATION in August of 2008 by Ramchandani, A. Carroll, K. Buenaventura, R. Douglas, J. and Justin Liu from Stanford Univ., Stanford, CA.
Options for using Wii in therapy abound. Adaptations make Wii useful and engaging across patient populations, limited only by the imagination of the therapist.

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