Friday, July 2, 2010

Kansas Optometrists Present Poster on "The Use of the Nintendo Wii Balance Board with the Head Injury Population"

At the recent 6th International Congress of Behavioral Optometry, Dr. Joseph B. Sullivan along with Dr. Julie A. Toon presented a poster detailing their use of the Wii Fit balance programs for adults with head injury.
These optometrists utilize Wii fit balance activities to help address residual visual disturbances affecting balance and spatial awareness including convergence issues, oculomotor problems, and visual field deficits. The presenters also explain that other problems including "muscle paresis, decreased reaction time, reduced stamina and decreased attention span" contribute to the difficulties adults with brain injury experience during recovery.
These optometrists illustrate their use of Wii activities to help adults with brain injury improve the integration of the visual and vestibular systems. These gains are documented on a spreadsheet which allows the doctors to quickly assess changes in BMI, balance percent by side, body test results, Wii Fit age, and performance on activity procedures.
Take a moment to look at this poster. Medical uses of virtual reality continue to increase as improved outcomes using tools available through Wii Sports and Wii Fit are documented. Wiihab proves itself to be versatile, affordable and fun. How have you utilized Wii therapy lately? Post your experiences in the comment section!

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