Monday, June 1, 2009


The Fifth Annual GAMES FOR HEALTH conference, made possible in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, takes place June 11-12 in Boston, MA.  "The Healthcare Guy" posts what Ben Sawyer, co-founder of Games for Health, has to say about the upcoming conference.  This article provides both a good background on the history of gaming for health as well as a glimpse into the newest games available for the therapy toolkit.  
One game that Mr. Sawyer mentions is Electronic Arts' EA Sports Active.  This game features a personal trainer who leads the participant through a workout that really makes the player break a sweat.  This game encourages the participant to strengthen the upper body, build endurance, improve balance and strengthen the lower extremities. 
During a recent "Wii-Hab - Using Nintendo Wii in a Therapeutic Setting" Seminar, a student was very interested in using Wii activities for high level patients in an outpatient occupational therapy and physical therapy rehabilitation setting.  EA Sports Active  provides high level activities that may be well suited for that population.  

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