Thursday, May 28, 2009


May 27, 2009 was National Senior Health and Fitness Day. As you may know, seniors who stay active and physically fit help themselves avoid some of the declines associated with aging; in particular, the increased risk for falls.

According to the website, the common goal for this day is to help keep older Americans healthy and fit. Many health related facilities held special events to help raise fitness awareness in those who they serve. The life care community where I work scheduled many different events to encourage all of the residents at all fitness levels, to either stay or become active.

Occupational Therapy's interactive Wii Fit presentation proved to be a very popular. Thirty-five participants, many of which had never seen a Wii, a Wii Fit balance board, or a Mii before, enjoyed learning all about using the Nintendo Wii and playing the fun games. Wii Fit offers an exciting alternative to the more traditional machine-based exercises, encouraging participants to improve their balance, endurance, and strength while having fun and experiencing new technology that they know their grandchildren also enjoy.

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