Monday, October 5, 2009

Grant Award Brings Wii Into The Classroom

Since Nintendo brought Wii to the market in 2006, many avid players who also happen to work with individuals with compromised function recognized this tool’s potential for addressing deficits. A special needs teacher in Ohio saw many great ways that Wii activities could improve student outcomes in his classroom.

The teacher, Kevin McDaniels, applied for funds to purchase the needed equipment for his classroom through Mid Ohio Energy Cooperative, INC’s Community Fund because Kevin recognized that using Wii complimented student time spent in occupational and physical therapy. Using Wii activities in the classroom seems to help students improve hand writing and balance by challenging both their fine and gross motor skills.

Although Nintendo has lowered the price of the Wii Console recently, the dollar amount needed to bring the benefits of Wii into classrooms and rehabilitation clinics may be in excess of usual pre-set budgets. Grants and donations have historically filled budgetary gaps in programs focusing on helping address needs in many communities. Most communities have organizations ranging from service groups to corporations willing to help programs reach out and serve those community members with specific needs.

Interested occupational and physical therapists as well as teachers can learn more about skills for grant writing and finding potential donor organizations by attending a grant writing workshop available often through area high school or college adult learning programs, found through internet searches or through companies, such as Grant Writing USA

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