Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wii Sports - Learning the Basics

When a therapist chooses to use a new technique for rehabilitation, the first step is to become familiar with the basics. Using the Wii as a therapeutic activity or exercise requires the same approach. Dan Birlew authored You & Wii – Everything You Need to Know and Prima Games, a Division of Random House, published it. This book not only explains the basics, but also includes a full explanation of Wii Sports. By reading this book, the therapist can learn what Wii Sports offers.

Wii Sports offers both an opportunity to play a game and an opportunity to improve skills. In the Bowling Training section, power throws can be utilized to increase standing tolerance and standing balance, build strength in the upper extremity, encourage shoulder flexion and improve flexibility throughout the upper extremity. Once the player has signed into this activity, they are allowed 10 throws to knock down as many pins as possible. This training module builds in difficulty as the bowling lane as additional pins are added. On the first throw, the player attempts to bowl down 10 pins. By the tenth throw, the player bowls the ball into a field of 91 pins.

The therapist can increase the workout gained from Wii Sports activities in so many ways. By simply placing wrist weights on the targeted upper extremity or by increasing the length of time that the participant must stand while playing are just a sample of the ideas. Have you tried using any of the Wii Sports training sections? If you have, you know that by spending time in an existing activity, the participant can open new training games. Once earned, these new challenges appear on the menu.

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