Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wii - Therapy in the broadest sense

In the UK like elsewhere, senior health and wellness are serious concerns. One administrator of a senior housing center developed an unique program for the residents to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

How would you compare and/or rate the uses of the Wii, XBox 360 with Kinect, and the Sony Playstation? I work in a school servicing middle school and high school children with autism spectrum disorders, Cerebral Palsy, William's Syndrome, learning disabilities and, etc. Most of my children are ambulatory. Most have issues in regard to praxis,muscle strength and coordination, visual- perceptual and oculomotor, and etc.I am trying to figure out what system would be the best to use for this population.

Matthew occupational therapy said...


I'm a mac loving OT based in the UK and have just started reading your blog - great stuff and refreshingly different. Will read your wii thoughts with great interest as technology in the profession has to progress rapidly. I've just set up our new website and blog and would love to know yours / readers thoughts:




Tim said...

It's really good to see, the kids and elderly mixing in this video, i remember visiting relatives in a rest home as a child and can remember how much they perked up when there were kids around. Since starting studying OT its cool to realise there is some real benefit to the kids and elderly mixing like this. also good to see how willing the residents were to give the Wii a go!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently studying to be an occupational therapist and one of my papers is an opinion piece to do with eldery care. I hadn't of thought of the use of a Wii would be so beneficial for aged care. This is a great idea also for them as they can avoid those hazards outside and be able to participate in everyday exercise