Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Novel Use of Wii Fit Data may have Implications for Therapy

University of Maryland, working with several other Universities, plans to use Wii Fit data generated by an athlete when healthy as a baseline measure of balance ability. These recorded scores would then be available in the event that the athlete suffered a concussion during play.

Although therapists rarely have specific information about a person's baseline status, aspects of this novel application suggest ways that Wii could be utilized in therapy.
Researchers working on this study point to Wii Fit's "objective and practical" qualities which allow trainers to gather data post injury in a client friendly way. Athletes report enjoying activities using Wii Fit.

The enjoyment factor comes as no surprise to therapists who use Wii technology in their practice. Clients of all ages seem willing to engage in Wii therapeutic activities. Though true baseline data for our clients may not be available for comparison, data gathered early in treatment will provide objective scores, that when compared to later records will support not only increases in performance components, but also improvements in activity engagement.

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