Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easy Reference Chart: Use of Nintendo Wii in Occupational Therapy

In October 2008 ADVANCE FOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY published a chart highlighting Use of Wii Sports games for various therapy uses. I developed this chart as a precursor to the Wii-Hab Workshop. Since that date, many OT and PT students, with the help and guidance of faculty and mentors have developed research projects aiming to determine the therapeutic value of Wii or other video gaming systems. Last year, a student from Keuka College surveyed therapists about their use of Wii in therapy. This year a group of Danish students contacted this blog looking for help in finding articles supporting the use of Wii as a therapeutic tool. OT programs in the United States are also gathering and reporting Wii related data. PTs as well are busy adding to the knowledge and building proof that activities offered through Nintendo Wii programs help improve outcomes.
In April, The AOTA 90th Conference and Expo will feature at least 11 sessions related to using Wii in therapy.
Next weekend the Wii-Hab Workshop at Stockton College, Pamona, NJ is filled, but Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis, Maryland still has space for the April 10th seminar. Penn State Abington is still accepting registration. Speak to the continuing education department about available discounts.

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