Friday, January 22, 2010

Dr. Ross Clark's Study Highlights Wii Fit Balance Board Benefits

Therapists as well as other staff working with the elderly recognize the threat falls carry for older adults. Falls often result in life altering changes including fractures, head injuries, and/or decreased self efficacy making continued independent living difficult for individuals who experience a fall. Volumes exist on this topic. Researchers (Tinetti, Lachman, Howland and many other authors) divide risk factors into two groups – extrinsic and intrinsic.

poor lighting
throw rugs
multiple medications
ill-fitting or
improper footwear

muscle weakness
balance problems
postural hypotension
decreased flexibility
cognitive impairment
vision impairment
fear of falling

Various post-fall therapeutic plans of care as well as fall prevention intervention programs aim to reduce fall risk by identifying and mitigating individual intrinsic and extrinsic fall risk factors.
Dr. Ross Clark of University of Melbourne conducted a study in which he utilized the Wii Balance Board as a tool for identifying center of balance, an important component of standing balance.

Take time to look at the list of fall risk factors. Can other risk factors be addressed using Wii activities? Of course! Post your experience for others to read.

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