Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Study Shows Mood Alters reaction to Pain

Results of a recently published study indicate that negative and positive emotions are closely related to pain perception. Lead author, Mathieu Roy, a post=doc student at Columbia, reports that negative emotions are shown to amplify our perception of pain. The subjects reacted more strongly to painful stimuli while looking at unpleasant images than they did when they gazed upon pleasant images.
Wii Bowling seems to have a similar affect on residents of nursing facilities. My personal experiences using Nintendo Wii in therapy suggest that the results of this study ring true. Clients who complain of pain as they stand at a table top doing unilateral or bilateral upper extremity tasks seem relatively pain free as they stand gazing at pleasant Wii scenes, bowling frame after frame. Standing for longer periods while not perceiving pain helps clients boost their confidence while building strength, balance, and endurance for daily activities, functional transfers and functional mobility .

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