Thursday, August 20, 2009

WiiHab in the News Throughout The Summer (Part 1)

Frequently, during the summer months articles appeared in newspapers, on television, and in blogs explaining the benefits people gain when Wii activities are incorporated into their rehabilitation programs. In June, the El Paso Times printed an article about Del Sol rehabilitation center’s use of the Wii in their Physical and Occupational therapy programs. The accompanying picture tells the whole story! Also in June, Hulig News ( an independent public news organization) placed a great story on line about a patient at University of Wisconsin, Madison’s American Family Children’s Hospital. This story offers some insight into the versatility of Wii as a therapeutic activity. More positive reviews of Wiihab can be found when you read an article from June 15, 2009 in the Vail Daily. Therapists in Silverstone, Colorado include many different Wii programs into the plan of care for their patients. They report improved outcomes, particularly with knee replacement patients. A study which will contribute to the evidence-base for using Wii in therapy for knee replacement patients is taking place in Toronto. Researchers hope to complete this study by the end of the year.

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