Monday, April 6, 2009

The Benefits of Wii from a Patient's Perspective

Occupational therapists like to utilize a patient-center approach in all aspects of treatment.  According to this article, Nintendo Wii as Therapy and Fun For Multiple Sclerosis, Wii, from a patient's perspective, is both enjoyable and therapeutic when coping with Multiple Sclerosis.  
 Problems for those with multiple sclerosis include fatigue, balance, flexibility and motor control.  Wii provides an array of activities which encourage a person to use and improve balance, flexibility and motor control.  These activities are fun and engaging, helping the participant focus on what they can do.  These self-paced activities allow for frequent rests while providing excellent feedback on improvements in a fun format.  Wii sports games, such as Bowling, baseball and Tennis help with motor control and flexibility.  The training moduals for each sport records your progress while the fitness modual calculates your Wii Age and posts it for encouragement.  Wii fit has great activities for improving balance and flexibility.  All of these games can be played for short periods with rests as needed.  Wii therapy brings a smile to all who try it.  Have you tried wiihab in your clinical setting yet?

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