Monday, July 14, 2008

News reports of Wii use in pediatric therapy

Using the Wii as part of therapy can work for all age groups. Children especially enjoy video games and have grown up as "digital natives" who are fluent in the use of computers and technology, and so using the Wii as a component of OT/PT in pediatrics makes sense.

This story from Texas reports on how therapists are using Wii games to help children not only gain strength and flexibility, but also improve coordination. As in many cases, the games chosen are tailored to patients' needs, such as Bowling and Boxing for arm strength and coordination.

Wiihab might be particularly useful for children because it removes the boredom factor from therapy. Using the Wii is also a distraction technique, reduces anxiety, and incorporates play into therapy.

For OTs, using the Wii with pediatric patients can be an especially important component of a well-rounded therapy program because playing is part of a child's "occupation." Additionally, because the Wii is a popular toy for younger age groups, learning how to use the Wii may help a child with social interaction and playing with peers. Playing Wii also is an opportunity for children to interact with parents and adults in a way that has therapeutic value.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I am an OT who would like to use Wii with my kids in the school setting. I am writing a grant for funding this and would like some feedback as to which program might be the best for my K-8 population and with my Autistic population.
Thank you!
Jan From Maine